Alessandro Carrabs Couture:

an open space on the haute couture world.

Art Nouveau ambiences that blend with pure silk fabrics, ancient marble inlets and glimpses of natural stones that blend well with the sinuosity of the paintings, sophisticated atmospheres that create the right alchemy to welcome our brides.

It is the treasure chest that contains precious jewels…
The Alessandro Carrabs’ Haute Couture bridal creations.

In Atelier you will feel a special atmosphere that will make every single moment of choosing the wedding dress simply magical, that dress that will make her unique on the most important day of her life.

You are important to us, and makes your dreams come true is our greatest desire.

To make you feel welcome at any time the Atelier always has the doors open, stop and enter … you will discover a magical world tailored for you.
Our staff will make you feel immediately at ease, we will learn to know you and understand your plans, your dreams.
You will have an assistant just for you, she will be able to dedicate you all the time you need to make you discover the right dress.
Our collections include more than 400 gowns, in addition to the endless combinations of fabrics, colors, accessories dictated by your imagination.. there is
no limit to the creation of a artwork!
Choose whatever you like, everything intrigues you and let be dressed by the expert hands of our assistants and modellers, only in this way you will fully appreciate your choices.
It will be your emotion in front of the mirror wearing an Alessandro Carrabs creation to whisper to your heart that yes… you found it, it is “what you wanted”, the dress of your dreams!
Then there are the accessories, thousands, to make you feel really special!
We will take care to give you the emotion of being bride from the first moment!

And once you have chosen the dress, you are just at the beginning of an exciting journey that will lead you to your wedding day...
You found it, it’s .. the dress of your dreams!

And here we are, it’s time for the first dress fitting, we will be waiting for you in Atelier to show you the exceptional work of our creative team, designer, artistic
director, seamstresses, modellers and embroiderers, all highly qualified, working with great attention to every single detail of your dress.
You will find your dress, packaged according to your measurements with all the options you have chosen when you purchased it.
Everything will be ready and you can finally wear your wedding dress again.
During the first dress fitting our staff will take the exact measurements to make all the necessary finishes to make the dress perfect for you.

We will all work at your service, to make you even more beautiful and we will give you all the advice you need for your big day. Other fittings will follow, all those you will need, to let us take care of every little detail, always offering you the highest quality.
This brings us to the final fitting dress which is a preview of your wedding day. You will try your wedding gown complete with everything: petticoat, shoes, hairstyle, veil, gloves and all the other accessories you have chosen.

It will be just the rehearsal of your wedding and we will need it to complete the final style details.
You will walk into the Atelier with your wedding dress and we will give you lots of tips on how to move around with the dress, how to sit, or how to get into a car, how to dance and a thousand other details. We will show you how to keep and wear the dress perfectly also.
We will explain everything that must be done by you and those around you the day of your wedding, to ensure that everything will be perfect that day and that you will simply be beautiful.


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