Sensuality and elegance.

Present with his collections for 30 years, the brand Alessandro Carrabs brought his haute couture bridal lines to emerge in the panorama of best fashion made in Italy for their timeless design. A unique and distinctive design that has gained much success to attract national and international sophisticated customers, who appreciate the creations, the ‘attention to the cuts, the choice of pure silk fabrics and luxurious details.

Alessandro Carrabs loves his brides, loves to make them elegant, refined, sophisticated for the most beautiful day of their lives. The collections by Alessandro Carrabs are charming and fascinating, inspired by the magic of the word love that every bride will feel by being caressed by the sinuous tailoring of each gown.

Alessandro Carrabs creations are exclusive products made by highly skilled tailoring staff and every gown is emblem of excellent and impeccable quality that is the trength of the brand.

An Alessandro Carrabs creation is a artwork that will translate into reality the dreams of every bride.

The dreaming dress comes to life among pearls and crystals that gently recline on pure silks and precious inlaid laces.
Tailored masterpieces…just created to make you fall in love.


is a brand that has become very important in scene of the wedding haute couture.

This was possible through the media. Already at early ’90s Alessandro Carrabs and his collections were guests of italian television programs on RAI and MEDIASET.
Television is still the protagonist of romantic and magnificent Alessandro Carrabs advertising campaigns with the airing of spots celebrating the brand. But the AC communication also involves the printed paper, glossy magazines, the web.
Major national and international magazines such as Vogue Sposa and Sposabella, Chery Sposa, Amica and many others have increased over the years the importance of branding Alessandro Carrabs. Design strategies that over time have communicated Alessandro Carrabs brand values to the world: style, innovation, tradition and quality. Qualities that have proven to be the key to his success.


The mission of Alessandro Carrabs is to please every woman. Women have many shades, a thousand and one tastes and needs, but all want to be beautiful and perfect on their wedding day.

The mission is to always make this not a dream, but a happy reality. Reality for every bride, the more demanding to the more unconventional.

For this desire to please all his customers Alessandro Carrabs has created several collections, each is characterized by ‘high quality of materials used, but differs in style and details.


The brand Alessandro Carrabs today is is now for brides around the world, spreading the philosophy of quality, style and design featuring fashion Made in Italy, with the ‘opening of flagship stores in the most beautiful cities, where pure silks meet architectural elements of great value, and everything is in perfect Italian style.
Dubai, St. Petersburg and Singapore are some of the city where Alessandro Carrabs brought his creativity with the latest openings, increasing the value of tailoring art and creating a perfect combination of high Made in Italy bridal fashion and international flair.
The main purpose of branding Alessandro Carrabs is the desire to be closer to the demands and dreams of customers, wherever it is.


A story from the past.
A long experience and constant innovation are the basis of savoir faire and attention to customers by the brand, which never ceases to fulfill the dreams and expectations of the brides.
The customer has always a place of honor and its complete satisfaction is most important objective of the Alessandro Carrabs Maison.
Making simply unique and special the best day of a woman’s life is the highest value for inspiration, and is the base of quality choices of all Alessandro Carrabs’ products. Fundamental is the happiness and satisfaction of customers, and Alessandro Carrabs knows that it is possible only by ensuring high quality products, non-commercial and that testify to the high attention of the brand towards the creation of a particular product, unique and absolutely not standard.
Design, talent and quality for brides, this is the philosophy of Alessandro Carrabs.


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